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problem noiseOur aim is to make choosing sound insulation very easy.
At the top of each page are three boxes. Tick the relevant one. On each subsequent page you are offered three soundproofing solutions you can input sizes look at different sound insulation solutions. You can then buy direct from that page.
soundproof for peace and quietIf you are regularly disturbed by the noise of a neighbours' conversation, television or stereo then soundproofing is likely to offer a significant improvement to the quality of your home life. We have experience in supplying all of the specialist materials required to reduce domestic noise pollution. Soundproofing is inexpensive and a home project can be completed as a D.I.Y. job, by a handyman or by our own installation team. sound insulation custonersOur customer feedback is the best possible testament to the dramatic transformation that our sound insulation products can bring to your home.
We have included a wide selection of comments from customers who replied to our after project questionnaire.
The results really do speak for themselves, with customers shutting out irritating noise and recreating a haven of peace and quiet in their homes.
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our products soundproofing made simple custom solutions has been selling soundproofing solutions for many years and as an independent seller we have had a chance to see the result of many solutions available on the market from very expensive bespoke systems to DIY soundproofing kits. Sound insulating acoustic insulation is also available for most situations both domestic and commercial. It does not matter what type of noise nuisance you have, we will have the sound insulation solution.

For ease of navigation we group our solutions into the three main areas where you might suffer acoustic disturbance.

For walls we sell sound absorbing panels, resilient bar solutions and high density rubber matt solutions. Key to many of our soundproofing solutions is the use of acoustic mineral wool which has excellent sound absorbing qualities. It should not be confused with normal loft insulation which has virtually no sound proofing qualities at all. All these sound proofing solutions work to increase the mass, resilience and absorption of the wall. Each element complementing the other at reducing the passage of intrusive noise.

For ceilings we specialise in acoustic hangers and resilient bar solutions which act to reduce both impact and airborne sound transmission. Our ceiling solutions are mindful of the problem that some customers can only afford to lose very little ceiling height.
The acoustic hanger solution tend to perform better than resilient bars when treating impact sound problems and are our preferred soundproofing choice for a ceiling where some height loss can be stood. As with our wall soundproofing options our acoustic ceilings all use acoustic mineral wool which works to absorb sound as it passes though.

soundproofing productsOur comprehensive range of floor soundproofing solutions deal with the problem that some people cannot lift floor boards and others do not want to incur any increase in height of the existing floor. We have highlighted our most poplar floor solutions which incorporate the use of acoustic barrier mats , mass loaded vinyl, sand filled acoustic boards, high density rubber floor mat solutions. We specialise in acoustic floor solutions to meet everyone's particular circumstance. As with our ceiling and wall solutions our acoustic floor solutions work on the principle of adding mass and resilience. Again where possible we employ the use of acoustic mineral wool to absorb sound as it passes down through the floor.

We also offer soundproofing service in London as advice of treatment of echo and other more unusual sound proofing issues. This sound proofing help can be offered to anyone looking to sound insulate their floors and ceilings as well as soundproofing stud walls. We also offer for those who need help with regulation E soundproofing.

In addition to the range of popular soundproofing solutions that we offer on the pages of this site we also provide at excellent prices a range of commercial sound proofing and acoustic solutions such as Monarfloor, Icopal, and British Gypsum and many other leading acoustic manufacturing brands.

If you know what you are looking for already you might want to jump straight to our product list which offers a comprehensive range of specialist soundproofing products.

At we understand that every soundproofing project is slightly different to the next.

Different customers have different budgets and can afford to lose different amounts of space.

We have tried as much as possible to simplify all our solutions and provide the sound insulation for you.

Where possible we try and offer a kitchen sink option where you can put as much material to work for you as possible . These we call our upgraded option. In other cases we have created the most simple but cost effective solution we can.

We also like to de mystify soundproofing trying to keep all our terms as straightforward as possible.

With all sound proof jobs you just need to keep three ideas in mind.

Add mass- We do this with acoustic plasterboards, absorbalay mats, DB boards and SS20 panels.

Add Resilience We do this by adding springy surfaces that absorb vibration, like resilient bars, acoustic hangers,mineral wool, absorbalay mats as well as SS20 panels and DB boards.

Add AbsorptionThis is mainly achieved with acoustic mineral wool and DB boards

As you can see dome products can achieve all three functions in one go. In this way we hope to bring you simple products at the right price that will work for you.

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