is a site deigned for use by building proffesionals. The materials sold on the site are what we beleive to be the best in class for Sound Insulation. While we offer pricing on our products via the shopping faciltiy we would ask you to contact us directly if you wish to work with our listed products. We offer trade discounts to proffesionals whether you are builder or specifiers. These discounts are not available to the public. Please contact us direct on 0208 123 4722 to arrange a member login.

For customers who are unfamiliar with soundproofing and wish to use our services please dont hesitate to contact us.

We currently offer solutions to a range of problems rangning from domestic properties through commercail and industrial applications.

For walls  soundproofing we sell  high density rubber matt solutions as well as solutions that use Genie Clips. Key to many of our soundproofing solutions is the use of acoustic mineral wool which has excellent sound absorbing qualities, we will sell this at a very competative price to those proffesionals who sign in. All  sound proofing solutions work to increase the mass, resilience and absorption of the wall. Each element complementing the other at reducing the passage of intrusive noise.

For ceilings we specialise in Genie Clip solutions which act to reduce both impact and airborne sound transmission. We beleive that the Genie clip is best in class at reducing impact and airborne sound. Our ceiling solutions are mindful of the problem that some customers can only afford to lose very little ceiling height. With this in mind we sell the super slim fitting Genie Clip type LB3, which results in virtually zero ceiling height loss.

Our comprehensive range of floor soundproofing solutions deal with the problem that some people cannot lift floor boards and others do not want to incur any increase in height of the existing floor. We have highlighted our most poplar floor solutions which incorporate the use of acoustic barrier mats , mass loaded vinyl, sand filled acoustic boards, high density rubber floor mat solutions. We specialise in acoustic floor solutions to meet everyone's particular circumstance. As with our ceiling and wall solutions our acoustic floor solutions work on the principle of adding mass and resilience. Again where possible we employ the use of acoustic mineral wool to absorb sound as it passes down through the floor.

We also offer soundproofing service in London as advice of treatment of echo and other more unusual sound proofing issues. This sound proofing help can be offered to anyone looking to sound insulate their floors and ceilings as well as soundproofing stud walls. We also offer for those who need help with regulation E soundproofing.

In addition to the range of popular soundproofing solutions that we offer on the pages of this site we also provide at excellent prices a range of commercial sound proofing and acoustic solutions such as Monarfloor, Icopal, and British Gypsum and many other leading acoustic manufacturing brands.

If you know what you are looking for already you might want to jump straight to our product list which offers a comprehensive range of specialist soundproofing products.

Acoustic materials delivered within 48 hours

Here at we aim to make the process of procuring the right materials a simple on line shopping experience

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