Tecsound is a high-density, highly viscoelastic synthetic soundproofing membrane that offers excellent levels of acoustic insulation in traditional constructions, whilst hardly affecting thickness.

It is highly flexible and easily extendable, which means it can be adapted to any shape or surface, and allows to deal easily with complicated joints and layouts.

Tecsound stands out due to its fire resistance and meets Euroclass standard UNE-EN 13501-1:2007 with an exceptional rating: Euroclass B, s2, d0. In other words, it does not spread the flames, is self-extinguishing, it does not drop and does not give off molten particles.

Available in a range of weights, in a self-adhesive format, in specific sizes to match gypsum plasterboards or in combination with absorbent felt, Tecsound offers solutions for any kind of building system and also its application in the industrial field.

Its main features and advantages are:

Highly effective: Tecsound’s high visco-elasticity along with its high density makes it a barrier to sound, greatly reducing the level of noise transmitted. Combined with absorbent material. such as mineral wools, it creates a mass spring effect which forces sound to travel through materials of different densities, thus reducing energy levels and ensuring high levels of soundproofing.

Minimum space: Tecsound’s high density makes it possible to add mass to traditional building/construction systems without occupying practically any space. This means that we can obtain high indexes of insulation with minimum thickness.

Insulation throughout the whole frequency range: Thanks to its special characteristics Tecsound reduces insulation leaks considerably, owing to the resonance frequency and coincidence frequency typical of traditional building systems. This allows for an increase in soundproofing against sounds throughout the whole frequency spectrum.

Damping effect: Tecsound offers excellent damping for the vibration of metal panels and lightweight materials, thus reducing the noise produced by atmospheric agents such as rain or wind on metal or timbered roofs, or the noise generated by vibration in premises with machinery.

Easy and rapid application: All the Tecsound products are easily applied and do not require special tools. In addition, products like Tecsound SY (self-adhesive with a width equal to that of gypsum boards), offer even faster application. Its 1.2 m. width allows it to have less joints and better installation ratios.

Adaptable to uneven surfaces: Tecsound’s high elasticity and flexibility makes it totally adaptable to curved surfaces or difficult points, like angles or joints.

Rot-proof and ageing-resistant: Tecsound’s properties remain unaltered with the ageing. The product does not absorb water or grow mould.

Tecsound Brochure

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